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My niece Daisy was born on 8-10-06! I need to testify how God is good.My sister and the baby were in really bad conditions.It was life threatning.The doctor couldn't get over how it all just worked out.He even raised his hands up and thanked God.He even had to tell us the story twice.Miracles do happen folks im telling ya.The nurse that attended the doctor during the c-section came in 2 days later and was amazed to even see how good my sister was.She told us the story again.She said to my sister there was a sense of peace during the whole c-section.My sister responded yes my sister is a big beleiver in the power of prayer.She also when on and told her that i am Christian and so on.The nurse said well there sure was Angels here helping thats for sure.Guys i just wanna let you know that there is a God.Faith is an amazing thing.Prayer is powerful! I thank God everyday.
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Prayer is amazing. God is amazing. Glad everything worked out and is going fine. =)