This is the start of something new (random_melly) wrote in prayer_shakers,
This is the start of something new

we need a miracle

its been quite some time since anyone has posted here, but i still feel the Lord moving to pray hear anyways. If anyone still visits this community and reads this request, would you please stand in agreement with me for my step dad Michael?

Oh precious Jesus hear my cries to you, hear my prayers (psalm 61:1) I come to you finding rest in you, hope in you, and hope that you can do a great miracle in the life of my step dad Michael. Lord you know the details, and I pray that you can pass on this request to those that can help me. Lord, please give Michael rest after many stressful and trying surgeries. His body is very weak, and I pray for a complete physical healing over his body. May you take him in your loving arms and comfort him as he much be in a great amount of physical distress and pain. I pray that you can help us to cast our cares to you oh Lord because you will sustain us and bring us through this difficult time (psalm 55:22) Lord, yestrday the doctors could not seem to wake Michael from his sedation and they are talking that he may have had a stroke. I pray Lord that they can find that this is not the case and that you are taking care of Michael , in ways that are not are ways that defy our own understanding. I pray that future tests will show that he has normal brain activity, and that you can work behind the scenes. Lord I pray for the machines that are keeping him alive, and for the artificial device that is working as his heart. May the doctors be able to help him, and administor care that is necessary for his improvement. I pray Lord that he can improve his strength and the doctors can be amazed at his progress. I pray that a miracle can be done, and that you can keep us driven to pray for your will to be done. Lord I stand strong in my faith, and you tell us in Matthew about believing and having faith. Lord, just as you healed the blind men that had great faith (matthew 9:29) I pray you can heal Michael's heart, and mind and bring him through this. In Jesus most precious name. Amen.
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