JudeTaylor (judetaylor) wrote in prayer_shakers,

Prayer request

Hi guys, I'd like to get some prayer from you, and maybe some words if you feel thus inspired.

I used to live in France a year and a half ago and I miss it so much, and really want to go back.

Basically, God has been amazing to me through my whole life:
- He helped me when I was bullied every day through school, college and uni
- He got me a place at the uni I wanted to go to, even though I didn't get the grades
- He helped me stop drinking
- He helped me find awsome churches in France and at home
- He watched over me when my collegues treated me like crap

I went to France as part of my degree and, even though it was tough, I loved it and felt more at home there than I ever had in England. For my final year of uni I had to come back and missed France so much. Thanks to God, I got accepted on a course in France and had one of the most challenging but amazing years ever.

After the year was up I came back to England and have been looking for ways to get over there again. I keep getting job interviews but no jobs. I feel like it's being dangled in front of me to taunt me, which is driving me crazy.

I found a job recently, for an English teacher over in one of the areas I used to live in and it's paying a pretty god wage. Not as much as another job that I'm interviewing for, but enough to live on.

Basically, I would love your prayer that God shows me where he wants me to be and opens the door for me to be there. I don't want to go to France if it's not what God wants, but it's definitely my ideal choice.

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