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I, like many other teens, am asking why, what, and is; Why does all this bad stuff in life happen to Me; What real happens to us when we accept Jesus; and, the big question, IS GOD REAL??? Each day I wake up and decide on three big things I'm going to try and think about during the day.
This summer I redeticated myself to God at camp in front of about 100 other kids (a great testimony in and of its self but on top of this that every kid went home saved) but now that camps over and I've spent some time in a place that isn't 100% Christian all the time I've gotten time to think.
God has done so many great and amazing things in my life. He has given me my amazing family and a taste of love to go along with my wonderful friends, but yet in the hardships I find myself questioning if He realy is there all the time for all of us.
Right now my family is going through a realy hard time, and it is a huge family. My grandmother recently died and it is realy sad for us because Christmas was her birthday. My family is also woried about my sister who has decided that she likes teen rebelion.
Each and everyday of a Christian's life is filled with trials and tribulations that we must get through. And just a little advice from a new found Christian but I advise you to take a little bit of old advice and add a new bit to it - EACH DAY STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES AND THANK GOD FOR THEM.
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