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Say A Little Prayer...

Here is some basic background information. I got a new job at a bowling alley, and the staff I work with swear a lot. After every other word and also the guys think that the only way to please a girl is to give them with gifts,sex and money. They think all girls are gold diggers its only two people mostly: Pete and Patrick. Then there is Sam a girl that I worked with, who thinks that having three guys at once is the best and getting them in bed. SHe also is not breaking up with her bf who she really hates, because of the money. Could you pray that they see there is more to life, than sex,money, drugs and partying and drinking. YOu can still have fun without swearing or saying God's name in vain.

Also for me to have strength and patience with these three people. To not get into their temptations of that life.I have a lot more fun without doing any the stuff they do. I pray for them and I pray for patience everytime, but pray for them and for me. Thanks a lot. God Bless You.

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