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Tricia's Dad...

Tricia's Dad went into the hospital yesterday. (She and I are engaged to be married.) This evening the family was requested to come as the doctors were unsure as if he will make it through the night or not. It may be a day, a week, or a hour, but eventually they say his breathing will just give out and he will pass. Tricia left here and drove over an hour to the hospital a few hours ago. She wants to be with her Dad, and that makes perfect sense to me. Please keep her, her family and James Seltman (her dad) in your thoughts and prayers. He has been ill for quite some time now, unable to swallow, having breathing difficulties, and unable to get up or walk, along with a lot of pain. Please pray peace and comfort upon him and that God will take away his pain soon. Also, please pray for his Spiritual welfare. I'm unsure if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior or not. He has been angry at God and the world for a number of years now. Thanks.
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